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Reggae Gone Viral is a Roots Reggae Cultural Brand promoting love and positivity across the world.

With the words “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” chanted by the great Bob Marley, emblazoned across our hearts we promote music, artists and events that nurture the mind and souls of all.

Reggae Gone Viral is here to bring all Roots Reggae lovers from around the world a platform where they can connect with their favorite artists or discover something fresh. We aim to showcase and promote the best in Roots culture. From the hottest up and coming artists, to the most vibes filled Reggae music  venues and festivals.

RGV also operates as a Booking and Artist Management Agency. Thanks to our know-how and international connections our network of venues, concert halls and festivals provides us a diverse network of platforms for Reggae Artists looking to branch out into the greater Reggae landscape.