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Don Carlos

Don Carlos

Don Carlos (born Euvin Spencer) Legendary Reggae Artist was born and raised in one of the most deprived regions of Western Kingston, Jamaica, in a district notoriously known as Waterhouse, which incidentally is also a musical spawning ground for many of Reggae’s greatest ever talents, such as King Tubby, Black Uhuru, The Jays, Junior Reid and King Jammy, to name but a few. Don Carlos started his singing career in 1973 as one of the original members of Black Uhuru, alongside other founding members, Garth Dennis who later went on to joining the Wailing Souls, and Derrick Ducky Simpson. As part of the trio, Don sang lead on the highly-acclaimed Love Crisis album, for producer Prince Jammy in 1977. This album was later re-released and re-titled Black Sounds of Freedom. A year after the trio’s groundbreaking debut, Don Carlos surprisingly decided to leave Black Uhuru in pursuit of a solo career. Within three years as a solo artist, developing his song writing and grooming his distinctive vocal style, in May 1981 Suffering was released. This strong release took the fraternity by storm, courtesy of a heavy roots and culture flavored showcase for the Negus Roots label. This album was a massive hit in Africa, selling unprecedented units. Unfortunately, the album was bootlegged, and Don never received proper royalties.

At the time, he worked alongside Gold, his sidekick, co-writer, and back up vocalist. Together they built a staunch following through touring the live circuit and releasing consistant albums including Harvest Time, Day to Day Living, Them Never Know A Natty Dread Have Credentials, all three issued in 1982, Spread Out 1982 also otherwise known as Laser Beam to which the majority of tracks in this set have been culled, Never Run Away 1984, Just a Passing Glance 1985 and more recently Seven Days a Week. Don’s partner, Gold was tragically shot and crippled, putting him out of the music business.

During the eighties dance hall mania, Don had five top ten hits between 1982 – 1985- Late Night Blues, Nice Time Tonight, Dice Cup, Hog & Goat, I’m Not Getting Crazy and Spread Out. Don is still churning out solid, melodic roots reggae. Other titles in his rich catalogue include Roots and Culture, Raving Tonight, Pure Gold, Spread Out, Plantation, Never Run Away, Slow Down Vol. 3, Rasta Brothers, Prophecy, Firehouse Clash, Deeply Concerned, Ease Up, Lazer Beam, Ras Portraits, Grove w/me, Head to Head, Jah Light, Live in San Francisco and Special Edition.

In 2009, Don released Changes, a critically acclaimed album featuring new anthems like Rude Boy, Favorite Cup, and remakes of classics like the title track and I Love Jah. In 2016 Don released some new remakes of his classinc singles Harmony and Give Me Your Love, as well as the original Righteous Chant in collaboration with American artist Christos DC. He is known as a mentor to many in the international reggae community, especially the California reggae scene, where he has worked with and nurtured many artists including Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Groundation and more.

Don’s latest single is Peace and Love on the Jus Time Records label, which is also the title of an upcoming tour of Europe in the summer and Africa in the fall. In 2018 he will celebrate 50 years in the music business with a new album and world tour. After all these years Don is on the road, keeping up the works and maintaining his legacy of quality reggae music.

Don Carlos

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Warrior King

Warrior King

Warrior King, in the year 2000, pulled off an unforgettable feat with “Virtuous Woman,” a song which went number 1 on local and international charts. This led to the Rastafarian being one of the most sought after singjays.

His dynamism and conscious lyrics led to June 11th being celebrated Warrior King Day in Buffalo, New York. This proclamation was presented to him by Mayor Byron Brown.
As if this was not enough, former US President Barack Obama referred to the singjay and superstar Bob Marley as two of his favorite reggae artistes, Now, some 22 years later, the singjay is on the path of another milestone in his musical career.

On Sunday, September 18, 2022, Warrior King, given name Mark Dyer, launched his YouTube channel Warrior King Music along with his music video “Skank.” This, a tribute to real reggae roots music.

According to his manager, Leslie-Anne Dyer, “This platform will definitely give the artiste more visibility because – as you know – social media has transformed the music landscape, so, one is able to stay just about anywhere and keep abreast of their favourite artistes.” Fans of Warrior King can subscribe to the channel ‘Warrior King Music’ which will have some exciting behind the scenes features.

“There will also be live performances uploaded on the channel, so fans will be able to follow his journey to the next level.”

She further explains that “of particular interest is the artiste’s upcoming tour, in Africa, US, Europe; and his Warrior King Foundation which has donated musical equipment to Sanguinetti Primary school.”

The entire music video was shot at Dub Club, Jacks Hill, St Andrew. “It’s about having good vibes which includes dancing and celebrating our roots which goes back to the sixties when skank was a popular dance.”

The song was released in April 2022 under Vertex Production label and is on the “Safe Moon” riddim. A number of other artistes, including Sizzla, Fantan Mojah, Lutan Fyah, and I’Noah are also on that project. The videographer being Damaniac.

The singjay grew up between Sanguinetti, St. Elizabeth and Portmore, St. Catherine, attended St. Andrew Technical High School and Kingston Technical High. He is credited with over 100 songs, including “Virtuous Woman,” “Can’t Get Me Down,” “Never Go Where Pagans Go,” “My Life,” “Hold Di Faith,” and “Baby Girl.”

His six released albums are “Virtuous Woman,” “Hold Di Faith,” “Tell Mi How Mi Sound, ”Love Is In The Air,” and “The Rootz Warrior.”

He has performed on several shows – Sumfest, Sting, Summer Jam (Germany) Reggae Jam (Germany) Reggae on the River (California), Boom Town Festival (UK), Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (California).

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Nature Ellis


This 9 year old Montegonian Andre Ellis started performing at Glendevon All Age and on local sound systems in his Community, he didn’t realize that the approval and popularity would have led to a lifetime career as Nature Ellis especially with the support of his 6 siblings and parents. It was the Schoolers Bus Ride competition in 2002 hosted by Danger Zone Records at Pier 1 in the second city that granted Nature Ellis a scholarship for voice and speech training at Herbert Morison with the talented music tutor Mr. Mathews.

Fast track to 2007 when Nature Ellis saw his first two official singles Hold On and Wasting Time hitting the airwaves and making him known in not only his parish but the entire island and eventually worldwide. Produced by Heart Of Love Records owned by famous footballer Ricardo Bibi Gardener, the tracks got rotation on radio and visuals for TV and made Nature Ellis a bonafied recording artiste booked and busy with performances worldwide. Nature Ellis has performed on major shows in Jamaica, the Caribbean, the United States and Brazil, he has had multiple European tours and performed on major festivals such as Reggae Jam, the artiste also has had an extensive tour of Australia.

What you can never do is put Nature Ellis in a box musically, He considers himself a world artiste and will record tracks considered as R and B, Ska, Dancehall and Reggae. This is evident in his recent album called Awaken released in 2020. The Awaken Album was his first album project produced by him and consisted of 16 tracks which includes a very inspirational intro produced by his label Preserve Nature Entertainment. 

Nature Ellis music is about social commentary, love and overall about bringing people together to unite through equal rights and justice. His music is catchy and relatable, touching on topics about everyday life and situations that occurs globally. Other notable tracks for Nature include; World Peace and Love You, these were recorded while Nature was signed to DSR released on the Life’s Journey album and To Jah from his third album 4 Revolution Choice.

Revolution Choice, which hit No. 1 on the USA iTunes Reggae Album Charts last Year is produced by Ambassador Of Choice Music. The first song to be released from the album, To Jah, featuring reggae stalwart Luciano, peaked on the iTunes Reggae Top 100 at No. 3 and on Amazon at No. 5 His second single Freedom peaked at No. 3 on the iTunes Reggae Top 100 as well. The reggae crooner is known for delivering social commentary and conscious messages to raise awareness on global issues. The album is an extension of this message. “The album is for the people who are doing their best to keep upright and also the ones who need guidance to the light. It’s for ones who love the truth and the ones who are seeking the truth,” Nature Ellis added.

Kenny Smyth

Kenny Smyth

Kenny Smyth (formerly known as Kenny Smith) was born and raised in the small village of Nain, one hour from Kingston. He grew up with his two brothers in this peaceful rural parish of St Elisabeth known to be the “breadbasket parish” of Jamaica, where he got the nickname of “breadbasket singer“ from.

As a child, Kenny used to sit in awe and watch as his father played guitar. He begged him to teach him to play, and in no time, Kenny was strumming out his own melodies. Passionate and encouraged by his family, then he began to learn by himself bass, drums and keyboards, and “his musical journey started”.

“My dad was a long-time musician and, from I was a toddler, I just wanted to learn how to play, but to learn something, you must have a good passion for it, and I wanted to learn more, learn more and more. Its love, its passion, and music just captured me. My dad told me, “you can live from music, so don’t take it for a joke”, and from the day I picked up the guitar, I’ve never stopped playing.”

At the age of twelve, Kenny set up a band with his second eldest brother Randy, and some friends. He also practiced writing his songs during that time and soon realised that he “wanted a professional career” in the music industry. In 2013, at just 18 years old, he entered the famous talent competition broadcast on Jamaican television, ‘Digicel Rising Stars’, and attained a very respectable fourth place in the hotly contested show.

“I wanted to sing for millions of people, and the easiest way to get people to get to know me was the competition. I reached the final rounds, but the focus was on the exposure… not on winning”.

This exhibition at the national level gives him the opportunity to be on the line-up of different stage shows in Jamaica and to work with Craigy T from the group T.O.K of Gafjam Records who was his former manager from 2014 till 2016.

“When I finished the competition in 2013, I made a few tracks with Craigy T’s Gafjam Records… I said it straight to him, ‘it’s reggae me a deal with.” I recorded my first instrumental at Tuff Gong Studio and the vocals at Big Yard Studio. It was a good vibe.”

He then starts recording for several of Kingston’s top producers such as Stephen “The Genius” McGregor of Big Ship Records, Emanuel Schirmer of Emudio Records, Sheldon Stewart of Calibud Records or with the musical duo Wayne ‘Unga’ Thompson and Jason ‘Big boss’ Welsh of Notis Records.

He also collaberate with Bay C of T.O.K Group in 2016 on the remix of justine bieber’s song “Sorry”. Then, the next year, he release his first Ep titled “Serious Business”, produced by Emudio Records, before embarking on his first European tour in 2019 alongside Darrio & Tamarley.

During his time in Europe, he got the attention of RIDDIM Magazine (the most important Reggae magazine in Europe), that dedicated a page to him and by Reggaeville.com. He also met some local producers and recorded a handful of singles for labels like the Uk based Luv Number One Productions, Star Gate Backing Band Productions in France, Dancehall Station Productions in Germany or Germaica-Austria. On the return of his first European experience, Kumar, the lead singer of the famous Jamaican reggae band Raging Fyah, offers to record a track with him. The song “Truth” was produced by Bloodfireclothing germany sylt and was released in 2020, “It was such an upful vibe to represent our place… St. Elizabeth… a natural country vibe.”

Geo Music


His hard work and dedication on his debut album, working along side producers, Jus Time Record’s, Irie Sound International, Jahsolidrock, Tuffgong International and Reggaegoneviral.

Singer songwriter and founder/ owner of Reggae Gone Viral. His style is classic and timeless with songs like “African Roots” The latest single from Don Carlos “Peace And Love” and an upcoming collaboration with Don and Kevin Grant from the musical youth group.

Jamaica’s premier upcoming culture artist and third son of the iconic reggae superstar Don Carlos. Growing up with his legendary father, Geo has been presented with many unique opportunities. After professionally entering the music business he has been blessed to open for his father and perform in places like Europe, Jamaica and Africa.

Armed with conscious lyrics and compassion for his community, GEO is always reinventing himself with new music on the horizon Ackee Tree coming soon. 

Magic Flute


Born Joshia Beckford in May Pen, Clarendon to musician parents Janet Denton, harmony singer, and Lascelles “Guitsie” Beckford, lead singer/guitarist and founding father of the Crucial Vibes Band. While growing up at McCorner, Palmers Cross, Clarendon, the talented scion received the moniker Magic Flute from his older brother.

Heavily influenced by both parents who were singers, young Magic Flute started writing songs at the tender age of eight.

Ultimately Magic’s first recording was at age thirteen on the Daddy Gone Riddim for a producer named Laurie Stafsnes in 2006 titled Daddy Gone. Daddy Gone was written to pay tribute to Magic’s father, who passed away. A year before his father’s death, Magic, along with his mother and siblings, recorded songs on the Riddim.

At age sixteen, Magic migrated to Kingston with his brother to follow his passion; there, he found himself spending a significant amount of time in a studio. While in Kingston, Magic recorded a song for a producer by the name of Keron, however, his time in Kingston was short-lived due to the untimely death of the producer, so it was back to Palmers Cross.

While never giving up, Magic continued to write music; eventually, he met another producer named Ryan Singh, who had a label called Mobys. Magic’s career with the label lasted around eight years, and during that time did the Gideon Warrior mixtape and also released several singles. While at Mobys, Magic was introduced to Dave “Macten,” who produced the single called Weh Dem a Go Do on the Soulmate Riddim.

As we fast forward to a couple of years, Magic Flute later says in an interview, “When I reunited with Macten, I was at an indecisive point in my life/career and the direction I wanted to go because nothing seemed to work. On a phone call one day, Macten told me this, and I will never forget after I told him I was going to be a laborer. He said to me, Laborer? Fam if yuh couldn’t sing mi woulda say gwaan, but yah big singer so stay right deh so, mi a go help yuh get the ting together“ that was October 2019. After the conversation with Macten, Magic asked him to send some Riddims; once he did, that spawned the 2020 release of the song, Dancing With The Devil.

Macten surrounded Magic with a superb team consisting of his son David “Spanky” Luckain, Sir Owen “Bassie” Renalls, Marvin “Wacko “ Jackson, Ricky “Madman” Myrie, and Michael “2000” Williamson, to name a few.

Presently Magic Flute is a top 10 finalist in the Jamaica Festival Song Competition 2022, with a song titled I’m a Proud Jamaican. The song has an old school mento feel, mixed with a little dancehall, as Magic would say “mixed like lemonade”.

To date, the team has recorded over thirty songs; so far, only four have been released, and are slowly picking up. Magic’s latest music video release has a unique twist to the Frank Sinatra song titled That’s Life, which is captivating audiences globally.


Bushman has been a consistant Cultural Reggae Artist for over two decades. His superb showmanship has been witnessed across all 7 continents. Including venues in the UK.

Performances over the years:

What you see is what you get with Bushman. Be it a small venue, a festival or in Concert Bushman will fill seats and leave fans hungry for more. He is an artist that as the ability to captivate his audience, by keeping them engaged throughout his performance.

Choosing to be an Independent artist comes with pros and to much cons. Unfortunately, Bushman has suffered more cons than pros. We know all to well the the internal mechanisms in the industry can block you from many of endeavors, however Bushman talent out lasted bad intentions of those who couldn’t abuse and gain from him, with a successful 2019 European tour, concerts in Africa, the Caribbean, Australia and Japan. Bushman has a strong fan base in all over the world, and everyone misses his presence.

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